About Us

About Us

Tanphija company specialized in Slaughterhouse known as modern Abattoir, Walk-in Cold-room, Blast freezer, Air-condition, Electrical panels control, Fabrication and General business development. Our modern abattoir includes; red meat process-lines equipment, rotating cattle’s Killing box, Bleeding section, De-hiding, Trips, offal, transferring conveyors and Carcass washing unit. 100% stainless steel floor with non-slip, stainless shelves, well equipped sterilizer’s operating system at about 82 0c and other necessary conveyor lines for the effective’s red meats processing lines. And other type of equipment or system required in the plant; the Cooling systems, in the following area: cutting area, slaughterhouse processing area, carcass cooling system, carcass splitting, processing department, meat offal cooling system, and evisceration freezing units all inclusive.
Cold-room stores improved and enhance foods technological system. Which includes the design; supply and installation, thanks to our European manufacturing company making this vision a reality, being the best slaughterhouse manufacturer company in European continent and the world at large in slaughterhouse.
Our experience matured exclusively in this specific field of design and installation of slaughterhouse. And we being the most relevant company in Chilling, cold-room and freezer rooms’ storages in this sector, Tanphija company always paid special attention to the application of health, safety, and environment (HSE) both local and international standard in foods and health safety, that affects personnel’s, red meat Slaughtering lines at different sections, through process control, from start to finished is made possible through our foreign manufacturing counterparts we are not only earning the reputation of being ‘’the number one’’ representatives in Nigeria, we also represented one of the best European manufacturing company with over 46 years experience. With international certifications; Halai certification, ISO 9001-2015, NGA, etc that covers Europe, Italy, Asia, USA, Middle East, and Africa in modern slaughterhouses projects, all to the glory of God.
Our company is working with world standards slaughterhouse manufacturing company that had over the years provides custom made projects and ensures the highest level of quality, environmental safety, values and we prides our innovation, and dynamic modern slaughterhouses equipments as sole supplier and representative in Nigeria.


To provides the most innovative modern Abattoirs services to our customers beyond their expectations through continuous improvement.

To ensure proper food storage to our customers by providing the world’s most advanced temperature control and food processing technology.


To improve our Quality standards of combines experience of over 46 years, with our European Manufacturing company, and be part of the future with our innovative solutions, and maintain professional service delivery, client’s satisfaction with our highly qualified human resources.