Who We Are

With Integrity and Vision, we provide the solution.

Who We Are

Tanphija is a leading company that has brought a significant contribution to the development of the cold storage; Insulated panels walls, electrical control panels, fabrication, Red meat slaughterhouse plant, and Blast freezer room in this industry for over 15 years. Through its corporate structure, team of experts and extensive knowledge in the industry, Tanphija Company provides innovative solutions to healthy food storage methods. The company also offers Ice block making machine and Air-conditions.  Our commitment includes all stages of project designing, assembling, and services. Our Red meat slaughterhouse is makes possible through our European manufacturing partners.

We have wide geographic distribution of our products through our business partners and dealers, having provide services for over 6,000 customers in over 15 years; Tanphija has set the bar high for its experiences, which includes the design; supply and installation, thanks to our European manufacturing company making the vision of slaughterhouse a reality.

Our Success Story

Walk-in Cold-Room100%
Blast Freezer90%
Electrical Control Panel 79%

Our Vision

To be the foremost service providers in most innovative modern technology that enriched our customers’ expectations through our continuous improvement.

To ensure proper food health and storage to our customers by providing the world’s most advanced temperature control and food processing technology.

Our Mission

To improve our Quality standards with combines experience of over 47 years of our European Manufacturing Company, and be part of the future with our innovative solutions, and maintain professional service delivery, client’s satisfaction with highly qualified human resources.