Tanphija Blast freezers are sometimes referred to as shock freezers. The idea of this type of freezer is to rapidly bring down the temperature of foodstuffs and fresh produce, freezing them very quickly. It is different from conventional cold room, one is freezing and the other is deep freezing. Blast freezer does very fast reach freezing point in the shortest hours of operations. It ranges within usual temperature of -20 to -45 degree.

Aside of the integrity, quality and taste of the food that must be maintained, blast freezing also offers health and safety benefit in that extreme cold, by slowing down the growth of bacteria. This is possible provided that the food is handled safely and then put into the freezer immediately after preparation; there is a greatly reduced risk of contamination.

Caution must be set to prevent product damages; this is because the longer the freezing process takes place, the larger the ice crystallises. The larger ice crystals damage materials by causing phenomena like cell bursting, which affects quality and flavour of foods. Cold room is meant for longer food storages.