Tanphija understand the Hidden Hero of The Food Industry “Cold Storage; the secret in delivering cheap and quality food to consumers is preserving it in cold storage during the lengthy period between the stages of production and final consumption.

Thanks to new technologies, energy cost of cold storage has become extremely affordable. Therefore, more than 70% of the food consumed today is stored in cold storage, and this rate is increasingly growing. The standards of cold storage facilities have a direct impact on both the price and healthiness of food. Higher consumer prices determine the profit margin for producers. Thus, food losses due to poor storing conditions will not possibly make consumers happy.

Food preservation will be a top priority in the near future; however, both production and consumption of food consume enormous amounts of energy, causing environmental pollution. We in TANPHIJA have been leading the way for investors in the cold storage industry for many years in Nigeria and West Africa. Through its corporate structure, team of experts and extensive knowledge in the industry, Tanphija provides innovative solutions to healthy food storage methods. The company also offers “Turn-key Cold Storage” commitment services including all stages of project designing, manufacturing, assembling and service supports in order to preserve food in an environment closest to natural conditions of food, and extend the shelf life of food.

Tanphija understand cooling devices operate up to the level they are set to, and stop when they reach the required cooling temperature. This cycle is continually repeated for the ambient temperature to remain stable. These units go into defrost mode four or five times a day in order to melt the frost formed on them. A cold storage unit goes in and out of this cycle for compressor, ventilator and defrosting about 50,000 times a year.

Energy consumption of cooling units varies by 50% in summer and winter. Predicting how much energy a cold room will use is difficult; as for managing it, it is almost impossible. Due to price pressures in the market, all cooling unit manufacturers have to compete with one another to be able to manufacture units with lower costs.

Tanphija has a wide geographic distribution of its products throughout the country and we maintained healthy business partnership to meet clients satisfaction.


Tanphija is a major expert on industrial facilities from meat, fish, and chicken to vegetables and fruit, from milk, cheese and yoghurt cold storage facilities to cake factories.

We have maximized our experience in hundreds of types of cold storage from seed storing, mortuary to flowers and potatoes, and their industrial size versions along with industrial cold storage.

We provide customers with commitment services from A to Z through projects on a turnkey basis all around the country.


Our cold-rooms Doors are the most problem-prone component of cold storage. Thus, Tanphija doors are especially different that can avoid problems.

Shelves: Cold storage shelves are essential accessories for cold stores. Our shelves are designed with Aluminium and stainless steel to prevent corrosion in different dimension.