Ice Block Making _Machine_

Ice Block Making Machine

What we do?

  • Ice Block Maker

    We design high capacity, to mould Ice Block and also handle it freezing temperature for some reasonable time after moulding.

    We have two system of commercial ice block making machine, metal cans or polystyrene (nylon) materials type. The ice are form in evaporator temperature between medium and low-temperature range of about 10 of with ice at 32 0 f Our modem refrigerator design use tube evaporator. The ice mold are separate in uniform ice molding, with non-frost system evaporator. Ice making is accomplished by freezing the ice in the can storage’s and thereafter a defrost cycle (commonly called the harvest cycle). The water used to make ice should be of best quality or it will cause problems in the future. Mineral deposits will form in the evaporator, when this deposit forms in the evaporator, the longer the unit runs with their deposits the harder they will be to remove. Please, do not confuse an ice making machine, with an ice building machine. Ice holding machine holds ice, usually in bags, at a temperature well below freezing. Such are a seen at the outside of a convenience store service station.

    The best of our ice making machine capacity depends on individual demand and our recommendation.

What Our Clients Says

  • Bonny island and Finima town projects: Tanphija company is outstanding their jobs, although I have not met them, only access their works through recommendation of colleague. We send them money and they delivered at the given time. Am sure they won't disappoint you too.

    Engr. Emmanuel (Project supervisor)
    Engr. Emmanuel (Project supervisor)
  • Grace Co Company Ltd Tanphija sounds to me like a foreign company, their services is indeed very good, although I hardly recommend, I recommend them because of their abilities to keep promises with business sense.

    Mr Olatunji (Managing Director) company co
    Mr Olatunji (Managing Director)
  • Eko Hotel and Suites: Tanphija company stand out among other contractors company we have, they are professionals in their approaches and timely dedicated on delivery. I recommend them for chilling and freezer business and other interesting business in future.

    Engr. Sandy (General Maintenance Manager) biz inc
    Engr. Sandy (General Maintenance Manager)

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