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ColdRoom & Chillers

What we do?

  • Our Cooling Brand

    Tanphija Company is experts when it comes to cold, freezer rooms and blast freezers. We have construct and installed throughout Nigeria and even outside the country for a verity of different applications. With our fast insulating panel careful contracted we are capable of doing any scale of project. In the cold and freezer room industry we maintained high capacity cold plant. For transporting all panels are stacked on top of each other. All angels, flashings and channels are wrapped together. Blower coils and condensing units are crated in wood boxes and all smalls (strip curtains, expansion valves, pop rivets, fishers, silicone etc.) are placed in the condenser box. Our condensers are already assembled when it leaves our office or store house. All condensers are designed for your individual application and ambient. They also include an electric box with components. We have from 75mm panels up to 250mm panels, depending on your application. With most cold rooms an insulated floor is not necessary, but with all freezer rooms and blast freezers it is compulsory.

  • Large capacity cold-room

    We have hinge doors up to 1.4m wide and any size sliding doors. All doors are equipped with a safety striker inside, so if a person is trapped in a cold or freezer room, the door can still be opened from the inside even if it is locked. Our doors are made thinner than the panels, but with a higher density 40DV (40kg per m2). All doors are capped with aluminium channels all round. With a double lip seal the sealing capabilities are excellent. All low temp doors are fitted with a heater to prevent the door from freezing up and not opening. The door hinges are cam lift type to prevent the bottom seal from wearing.

  • Insulated Panels

    Our insulated panels used in cold, freezer rooms blast freezers and food industries are made of top quality materials that insure isolation robustness and modern.

What Our Clients Says

  • Tanphija have proven themselves overtime with our coldroom, freezers and compressors and am trully satisfied with their services

    the source engineer pack & shops pack and shop lagos
    the source engineer pack & shops
  • Grace Co Company Ltd Tanphija sounds to me like a foreign company, their services is indeed very good, although I hardly recommend, I recommend them because of their abilities to keep promises with business sense.

    Mr Olatunji (Managing Director) company co
    Mr Olatunji (Managing Director)
  • Eko Hotel and Suites: Tanphija company stand out among other contractors company we have, they are professionals in their approaches to supply coldrooms and timely on maintenance. I recommend them for chilling and freezer business and other interesting or relevant business in the future.

    Engr. Sandi (General Maintenance Manager) biz inc
    Engr. Sandi (General Maintenance Manager)

Our Clients