Structural Insulated Panels Wall (SIPWs)
Sandwich panels are structural insulated panels wall (SIPWs) that is prefabricated, known as polyurethane. This sandwich panels can be for structural elements like; building, clean rooms, ceilings, floors, roofs and Chillers rooms. It provides superior, cleaned and uniform insulated rooms compared to traditional construction methods (stud, Fibres, bricks or “stick frame”) this panels offers energy savings up to 20% and 35%, that provides air tight room insulation, when it is installed properly, SIPMs also result in a more effective airtight dwelling, which makes a house soundproof and store to be more quiet and comfortable for business and home used.

SIPM does not only have high value but also high strength-to-weight ratios. A SIPM typically consists of 4- to 16-inch-thickness plastic foam board insulation sandwiched between PPGI steel on both side and special request structural facing materials. We usually customize the exterior and interior sheathing materials to meet customer needs, either PPGI extruded steel or aluminium request. The facing is glued-press to the foam core, and the panel is then pressed or placed in a vacuum to bond the sheathing and core together. SIPMs can be produced in various sizes or dimensions and thickness.

The quality of SIPM manufacturing is very important to the long life and performance of the product. Been our core values the panels are properly glued, pressed, and cured properly to ensure that they don’t delaminate. The panels have smooth surfaces and edges to prevent gaps from occurring when they’re connected at the job site, installation. Before supplying SIPMs, we have good quality control, testing procedures carried out and guarantee ensure. SIPMs are available with different insulating materials, usually polystyrene foam, it’s our best practices.


Our SIPMs are made in the factory and delivered to job sites in any part of the country. Our well-trained engineers and technicians are very good to provides you good installations details and provide well connected pre-fabricated panels. For an experienced builder, a SIPMs home goes up much more quickly than other homes, which saves time and money without compromising quality. These savings can help offset the usually higher cost of other installation materials.

We provides a standard structural designs, we follow the architectural designer of our clients to details. Our installer engineers provide professional services, even on request of cutting open doors and windows with the required tools at the construction site.

When the sandwich panels is install according to manufacturers’ recommendations, SIPMs meet all building codes and pass the Africans / European Society Testing and Materials (AETM) standards of safety. In buildings construction of SIPMs, fire investigators have found that the panels held up well. For example, in one case a structure fire exceeded 1,000°F (538°C) in the ceiling areas and 200°F (93°C) near the floors, and most wall panels and much of the ceiling remained intact.

An examination of the wall panels revealed that the foam core had neither melted nor delaminated from the skins. In similar cases, a lack of oxygen seemingly caused the fire to extinguish itself. The air supply in an airtight SIPM home can be quickly consumed in a fire.

Our areas of Concern

Fire safety is a most concern and longevity of the panels. The interior of the SIPM is covered with a fire-rated material, such as gypsum board, it protects the facing and foam long enough to give building occupants a chance to escape, if fire occurred.

As in any house, insects and rodents can be a problem. In a few cases, insects and rodents cannot tunnel throughout the SIPMs, and this provides long durability.

You can follow these guidelines to prevent any future problems, which including:

  • Applying the insecticides to the panels noticed opening
  • Treating the ground with insecticides both before and after initial construction and backfilling
  • Maintaining indoor humidity levels below 50%
  • Locating outdoor plantings at least two feet (0.6 meters) away from the walls
  • Trimming any over-hanging tree limbs.

Boric acid-treated insulation panels are also available. These panels deter insects, but are relatively harmless to humans and pets.

And because structural insulated panel’s wall is airtight, a well-built SIPM structure requires controlled fresh-air ventilation for human safety, health, and performance, and to meet many building codes. We provides well-designed, installed, and properly operated rooms, upon request, we can also supply mechanical ventilation system that would help prevent indoor moisture problems, which is important for achieving the energy-saving benefits of an SIPM structure

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