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What we do?

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    Ice Block Making Machine

    We design high capacity of ice making blocks, which can also hold it freezing temperature to a reasonable time after the moulding. We focus on two major aspects of ice makers to help the beginners and long time business owners in ice making business industries. we have blast freezer and middle class types of design

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    Air Conditioning

    Our approach to air conditions is highly professional and we do that because of it roles in human comfort. We supply and Installed air-conditioners range from 1 Hp split to 200 Horse power chillers and Duct central air conditioners. Air conditioner is the cleaning and cooling of indoor air for thermal comfort, otherwise known as HVAC. We supply, installed with service support.

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    Electrical control and rural electrification guard with design and critical evaluation, spur with collective assessment that gained general recommendation in line with regulation and safety codes. Electrical control panels and rural electrification stands as a basic requirement in corporate environment. We supply and install

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    When it comes to Chilling and freezer rooms Tanphija Company remain the best and professional. Our chilling and Blast freezer room meet with custom design to fit into your specific requirement. We have our cold rooms across the country in various capacities and volumes. we are major suppliers, importer and service support company in Nigeria.

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In the recent time we discover that most people are more eager or concern in buying refrigeration system without any plans of regular maintenance culture on that same system. There is a wrong believe or perception that until the machine break-down, then there is no need of maintenance. This is completely wrong, in fact, the cost of buying cold-rooms, chillers or any system at all cannot be compared with the cost of maintaining that same system. You can buy a products once, that is at once, but, the cost of maintenance is not at once, but as long as you want it better functions. In other words, the maintenance is for life, and except there is no life in that machine again.

What we do best

  • Maintenance of contract procedure

    This is base on our strategic contract procedure.

  • Safety Management System

    Our safety performance is enhanced by putting in place a set of guidelines, rules and procedures that act as standards of performance. These are usually well documented and made available to every employee while the safety manager ensures that these guidelines are maintained, followed and enforced.

  • Our Charges

    Our charges are very competitive

  • Our Client Include

    We have high record from the following customer/clients base

    Banking Industries, Hotels, Motels, Event Hall, Hospital, Mortuary, Frozen Store House, Pharmaceutical Companies, Corporate Office and Individuals.



If you are aspire to be or you want to develop your knowledge in industrial refrigeration. Hurray now to registered, this opportunity may be for you. We have limited space. Only 4 people in total This is the first time we are placing this advert. Candidate must be able to read and write fluently. Advert placing this 2017.

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Clients said

  • Tanphija have proven themselves overtime with our coldroom, freezers and compressors and am trully satisfied with their services

    the source engineer pack & shops pack and shop lagos
    the source engineer pack & shops
  • Grace Co Company Ltd Tanphija sounds to me like a foreign company, their services is indeed very good, although I hardly recommend, I recommend them because of their abilities to keep promises with business sense.

    Mr Olatunji (Managing Director) company co
    Mr Olatunji (Managing Director)
  • Eko Hotel and Suites: Tanphija company stand out among other contractors company we have, they are professionals in their approaches to supply coldrooms and timely on maintenance. I recommend them for chilling and freezer business and other interesting or relevant business in the future.

    Engr. Sandi (General Maintenance Manager) biz inc
    Engr. Sandi (General Maintenance Manager)