Tanphija Red Meat Slaughterhouse team, having crowned its experiences in metalworking and mould making in order to project meat-processing facilities, has now begun manufacturing and delivering turnkey based slaughterhouse, through our foreign red meat manufactures company who had complete range of equipment for slaughterhouses from paddocks, slaughtering boxes, bleeding conveyors, meat processing lines, fixed and mobile platforms, dehiding and carcass dividing platforms, offal processing equipment, chutes for intestines and succeed in turning its experiences and capacities of processing stainless sheet into ART.

Being widely acclaimed, our world-class meat processing factories will provide added value to national economy growth if embraced.

Slaughterhouse Capacities includes; Rotating type slaughtering box, horizontal bleeding conveyor, Head, Liver conveyor, Cattle hanging for bleeding we have capacity ranging from 10 to 90 heads of cattle’s per hour  or more and unto 200 heads of sheep or goats per hour, Offal removal  60 and more per hour, moisturized chain 100 heads per hour, hydraulic De-hiding, Carcass washing machine.

In addition to equipments connected to slaughterhouses, known as auxiliaries plant, such as; the steam generators, pneumatic transporter conveyors, water station, waste products storage system, cold storage heat extraction units, cold storages control station, pneumatic station, carcass and scraps incinerators, weighing scales for animals, and weighing bridge for trucks, on request. Etc.. The designs, supply and installation are all inclusive.

Optimum care is dedicated to animal welfare, paddock area to obtain the highest level in terms of meat quality, values, and control the minimal stress on the animals during the slaughter processes. We focused on Red Meat Slaughterhouse Equipment Design and Production system extensively. Our company, working on world standards, provides custom made projects and ensures the highest level of quality and value of red meat in cattle, sheep and goat in slaughterhouse equipment by providing the following services:

Turnkey design and projecting with experienced team Works related to fabrication and construction such as;

  • Electrical and electronic systems
  • Slaughterhouse equipment supply
  • Red meat processing lines
  • Cattle lifting elevator
  • Cold room system
  • Freezing and frozen storage systems
  • Cold Storage shelving systems
  • Hygienic polyurethane insulated wall and roof panels
  • Rotating slaughtering box
  • All relevant fields and transition between units and control systems
  • Hygienic Barrier Section
  • Dynamic lines conveyors
  • Brisket opening machine
  • Cattle Bleeding section
  • Veterinary control platform.
  • Aluminium frame, stainless, plastic, shelves, produced in different sizes and our shelves are specially designed to meet the need for cold storage rack and became already an indispensable accessory of the small sized cold storage.

During our works; commitment to our customers is to provide project design, equipment supply and installation. With priority given to the highest level of quality standards, animal welfare, workers safety, ergonomic working conditions, productivity, functionality, priority in long lasting equipment and hygiene environment.

All our efforts is centred in the belief of excellent service delivery, our creative vision in the sector, are driving through perseverance, patience and research that earned respectable position in international market and we are moving forward together, as we embraced quality. Slaughterhouse equipment production, supply and installation from A to Z

Because, cooling units is the most important aspect of the food industry, to protect the future of our foods, it is vital to know the correct storage and methods of treatment for all types of food before it final consumption. Tanphija covers all type of cooling needs in the sector with a production range of 1700 Split and Central Systems. From the smallest cold room, to larger warehouse cold store and freezer rooms, are all refrigerating units which are supply through our world-class production company

Pre-fabricated panels, Doors, Engines: For more than 15 years, Tanphija have designed supply and installing cold rooms in different capacities. These covers; thickness from 6cm to 600cm. The partnership with our European oldest slaughterhouse equipment manufacturer has provides and maintained our excellent international recognition in terms of quality.