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Tanphija Limited it is a Corporate Business Company with viable business solution; Fabrication, Chilling and Freezer Plant, Design and Custom made fabrication, Installations, Piping Layout, Electrical and Electrification layout design and service support management.
Property manager; Sourcing and leasing with reputable legal approach standard and general Project Manager. We do all these services with the aims and objectives of building reputable first class business company that create job opportunity and enhance viable business communities.

What we do?

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    Ice Block Making Machine

    We design high capacity of ice making blocks, which can also hold it freezing temperature to a reasonable time after the moulding. We focus on two major aspects of ice makers to help the beginners and long time business owners in ice making business industries. we have blast freezer and middle class types of design

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    Air Conditioning

    Our approach to air conditions is highly professional and we do that because of it roles in human comfort. We supply and Installed air-conditioners range from 1 Hp split to 200 Horse power chillers and Duct central air conditioners. Air conditioner is the cleaning and cooling of indoor air for thermal comfort, otherwise known as HVAC. We supply, installed with service support.

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    Electrical control and rural electrification guard with design and critical evaluation, spur with collective assessment that gained general recommendation in line with regulation and safety codes. Electrical control panels and rural electrification stands as a basic requirement in corporate environment. We supply and install

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    When it comes to Chilling and freezer rooms Tanphija Company remain the best and professional. Our chilling and Blast freezer room meet with custom design to fit into your specific requirement. We have our cold rooms across the country in various capacities and volumes. we are major suppliers, importer and service support company in Nigeria.

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SlaughterHouse Construction

    Slaughterhouse Capacities includes; Rotating type slaughtering box, horizontal bleeding conveyor, Head, Liver conveyor, Cattle hanging for bleeding we have capacity ranging from 10 to 90 heads of cattle’s per hour  or more and unto 200 heads of sheep or goats per hour, Offal removal  60 and more per hour, moisturized chain 100 heads per hour, hydraulic De-hiding, Carcass washing machine.

    In addition to equipments connected to slaughterhouses, known as auxiliaries plant, such as; the steam generators, pneumatic transporter conveyors, water station, waste products storage system, cold storage heat extraction units, cold storages control station, pneumatic station, carcass and scraps incinerators, weighing scales for animals, and weighing bridge for trucks, on request. Etc.. The designs, supply and installation are all inclusive.

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